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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


hari ni pegi wangsa walk dgn bie saya , tgok cte real steel . haritu tgok cte paranormal activity 3 kat pavi . best sgt cte ni . aku puas sgt duk kapel seat kat ww , tk macam kat pavi , bongok je . besst gle dapat jumpa b td . terubat lah rnduu ni . b jnji kat syg b nk dtg sni lg kalau motor dah kua . nnti dtg tau b . syg syg sgt kat b . jgn tnggalkn syg ye . iloveyouusomuch . sorry lah takde gambar nk tnjuk . HAHA

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only youu

i call you with the name of bie . u are my special person that make me change . ur the one who give me the strength to life more & patient with all my bad behaviour . i would like to say im verry sorry honey for all my mistake . i know that i always do mistake when i was with you but now i change . i cant life without u bie . u are the most important in my life dear . all my life are on u . please take care of me for this moment . i love you until ever and ever . i need u in my life honey , i miss you so muchh KHALISH ASYRAF SALEHUDIN <3